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James E. Dighero
Attorney at Law
8880 Cal Center Drive
Suite 400
Sacramento,  CA 95826

 E-mail: James@JamesDigheroLaw.Com


James E. Dighero, Attorney at Law * Experience you can trust

Below are just a few examples of the kind of legal work we do and cases where we have achieved successful results for our clients.

1.  An elderly lady client fell at a local shopping mall due to raised and cracked cement due to a tree root.  She broke her arm and suffered cuts and bruises.  The shopping mall said nothing was wrong with their walkway.  They quickly fixed the problem the next morning. Fortunately, we were contacted immediately after the injury and on the same day, sent a private investigator out to take photographs of the defective sidewalk.  Once our photographs were produced in front of a judge, we won the case.  Thereafter, the elderly woman received full compensation for her injuries.

2. A male made a u-turn in front of our client in his Corvette.  Our client was in a Volkswagen Bug and was seriously injured when the front of his bug crashed into the Corvette at 40 miles per hour. The driver of the Corvette said he was not working for a particular employer at the time of the crash.  His insurance policy limits were not adequate to fully compensate our client.  After subpoening the Corvette driver's prior and current employment records and after taking a couple of depositions, we were able to prove that he was on the first day of his new job for this particular employer and was actually working at the time of the crash.  Thereafter, our client received full compensation for his injuries.

3. Two female client's were injured when a 20 year old male, driving with a suspended license, caused a high speed crash.  After contacting the DMV, we discovered that the 20 year old male had a bad driving record that included causing a number of auto accidents, a drunk driving conviction, a traffic citation for specifically driving over 100 mph, and multiple speeding tickets.  The vehicle was owned by a parent.  In order to get compensation for our injured clients, we had to prove negligent entrustment.  We asked the attorneys for the parent to produce her checking account bank statements and cancelled checks for several years prior to the crash. Her attorneys would not do this.  We had to file a motion with the court to force production of this evidence.  We had to show that this information was relevant.  At court, the presiding judge yelled at opposing counsel and ordered that the requested checking account statements and cancelled checks be produced.  After we received the cancelled checks, we noticed there were several cancelled checks, made out by the parent to the DMV, for the specific traffic citations that the 20 year old was cited for.  Since we were able to prove that the parent/owner had knowledge of the bad driving record with this information, we were able to prove negligent entrustment and received a judgment for our clients.

4. A young motorcyclist was seriously injured when an 85 year old man turned left in front of him.  A witness said the motorcyclist was speeding. The CHP said the motorcyclist was unlicensed and driving a stolen motorcycle. The hospital said the motorcyclist tested positive for methamphetimine, cocaine and marijuana when he arrived at the hospital via ambulance. After significant follow-up medical treatment by our client, the insurance company for the 85 year old man offered zero ($0.00) dollars saying that our injured client was at fault for causing the collision.  At a four (4) day binding arbitration in front of a Sacramento Superior Court Judge, we presented evidence from medical experts, an engineer and a toxicologist (to rebut the accuracy of the hospital testing).  The judge issued an arbitration award and finding in favor of the injured motorcyclist for substantial damages, but reduced the award by 50% due to the motorcyclist's own comparative fault.  The net result amounted to a substantial monetary award to our injured client.
5. Our office was contacted by the mother of a young boy who suffered multiple dog bites by a large dog.  She was unhappy with the prior attorney because he was not returning her telephone calls and not keeping her informed of the status of the case.  After we took over the case, we determined that the young boy's older brother struck the dog with a large piece of wood until the dog stopped biting his younger brother.  The older brother witnessed a traumatic event, involving blood and injuries to his younger brother.  Under the case of Dillion vs. Legg, a family member can recover compensation by witnessing a trauma to another family member.  The prior attorney also failed to recognize that the older brother was also entitled to monetary compensation under California Law.  Therafter, we received significant settlement amounts for both brothers that was approved by a judge and ordered to be placed in a blocked bank account until the minor brothers turned 18.

***The above cases, that our office handled, illustrates the importance of competent legal representation.  Without the benefit of competent counsel, persons have no leverage and must accept what an insurance company is telling them about their cases. You can see in the above cases, what the insurance companies were telling our clients, was just not right.

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